The viability of a study protocol is often assessed against historical databases that are highly aggregated and rarely up-to-date.  Clinerion's Query Designer enables sponsors and investigators to validate and optimize their protocols based on actual, real-time patient data on a hospital, regional, national or international level. Clinerion can provide real-time access to millions of EHRs – a figure which is constantly increasing.

Query Designer enables the coding of a protocol into Patient Network Explorer with six dimensions of query, combining criteria based on coded information (for diagnoses, treatments, medications, etc.), data (e.g. demographics, lab values), time and an unlimited number of criteria. Eligibility criteria can be mapped between all standard medical and hospital-specific terminologies; free text can also be screened with the support of a natural language processing technologies.


Benefits of the Query Designer:

To clinical trial sponsors:
  • Speed up the protocol development process, by querying protocols instantaneously against live patient populations.
  • Make the protocol more relevant and realistic, by querying protocols against real patient populations, and then refining the criteria to create a guaranteed workable and optimized studies.
To physicians and hospitals:
  • Use a comprehensive and ready-made query functionality to identify patients for your own investigator initiated trials, without needing to create a separate IT project each time.

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