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Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

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Data drives what we do, but our team gets us to where we’re going. Interested in joining us?

Clinerion’s staff is passionate about health and supporting the development of innovative medicines.

Data Privacy

As part of the employment process, Clinerion will collect personal information of job applicants from their curriculum vitae (CV), for example name, postal address, e-mail address, Skype name, phone number, birth date, etc., for the purpose of evaluating the applicant’s suitability to work for Clinerion.

Application documents will be stored on internal data drives.

Applicants may request the deletion of these files at any point during and after the application process, with the understanding that this deletion removes them from an ongoing application process. 

Professional Services & Support Engineer
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

To strengthen our existing IT Support Teams in Switzerland and Turkey, we are currently looking for a passionate Professional Services & Support Engineer.

Your Role

This position is an exciting opportunity to make an impact on medical innovation and patient care. The position will be key to the continued roll-out of Clinerion`s PNEx to hospitals worldwide.

The main role in this position is to support the technical team on site during the implementation phase of a project and to work closely with clients through the project's lifecycle.

Your Responsibilities

  • Installation / configuration of hardware, network, software, storage and backup in a distributed environment.
  • Testing of installed products.
  • Ensuring continued end-to-end functionality of the installed software.
  • Monitoring and supporting of key system elements, security, logs, backups.
  • Implementing automated scripts for installation, monitoring and maintenance.
  • Creating and maintaining clients related product documentation (installation, configuration, validation).
  • Coordinating technical tasks with clients.
  • Testing, scheduling and execution of software updates on site.
  • Coordinating with Clinerion`s Quality Management.
  • Investigating and resolving potential application, data and server issues.

For further details, as well as instructions on how to apply, please click on the link to the full profile, below.​

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