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Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Optimized study design, precise site selection and faster patient search and identification for clinical research - in real time.

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Data Security Policy

Clinerion has been recertified for ISO 27001, the international standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS).

Clinerion was assessed by and received ISO 27001:2013 certification from the certification organization YBM Belgelendirme, Türkiye for the period 2022-2025.

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Standard operating procedures (SOPs), Work Instructions and Guidelines are the foundation of the Clinerion security policy framework for Physical and Logical Security. This framework sets the rules for the organization-wide Data and IT Security governance.

The Clinerion Security Policy reflects the priorities of the business for the protection of people, assets, information and reputation, as well as the requirements of legal compliance in the operations and jurisdictions. It is the framework for protective measures regarding physical and logical security.

Physical Security

Clinerion’s central server infrastructure is hosted at an ISAE 3402 SSAE 16 Type II Certified Datacenter in Switzerland and subject to the data security classification and procedures outlined below.

All hospital server installations follow local laws, regulations and guidelines as defined by authorities and respective hospital guidelines.

In addition, the following aspects are ensured for physical security:

  • Protection of Persons and Operations.
  • Reporting, alarm organization and crisis management team.

Logical Security

  • Availability: operative appropriate and customized access to information with the relevant availability is realized.
  • Confidentiality: confidential handling of information, particularly with respect to confidentially classified data is ensured.
  • Integrity: comprehensiveness, accuracy and integrity is appropriately guaranteed.
  • Authorization: access to each function in the Clinerion Patient Network Explorer is given based on a User Credentials system set by each site, based on clear, defined user roles
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