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Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Clinerion Patient Network Explorer

Optimized study design, precise site selection and faster patient search and identification for clinical research - in real time.

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Benefits for Hospitals

We understand the challenges of attracting leading-edge clinical research trials to hospitals, and we understand the challenges of running them. Clinerion's Patient Network Explorer offers massive efficiency improvements for clinical research activities.

Patient Network Explorer is a patient-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for hospitals interested to streamline clinical research. The solution allows for real-time patient querying and engagement. Additionally, it enables teams to monitor for quality in care provided, resource planning, trial optimization and analytics.

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Clinerion helps hospitals running sponsored trials.

Improving access to sponsored trials can give your patients and physicians access to the latest developmental drugs, enhance your hospital’s reputation, and increase hospital revenue.

Once trial sites are identified and sponsors have reached agreement with them to conduct trials, the Clinerion Patient Network Explorer enables the hospitals to find the specific patients for enrolment. Clinerion itself only sees aggregated, de-identified and unlinked data, but the system allows validated hospital personnel to re-identify candidate patients.

Clinerion helps attract clinical studies to your hospital

Being part of Clinerion’s network allows patient populations at hospitals to be easily matched, live, against a clinical trial protocol by pharmaceutical companies. This increases the probability of receiving a trial and ensures that the site selection step gives an accurate indication of relevant patient numbers, thus reducing trial feasibility evaluation time.

Clinerion helps hospitals running academic research.

Patient Network Explorer queries your own hospital information system to find more patients for your trials. And, as it accelerates patient search and identification, it also increases the efficiency of your operations and the number of trials your hospital can run.

From installation to protocol feasibility testing, to site selection, to online patient search and identification.

Clinerion’s Big Data analytics technologies and advanced user interface enable the coding of clinical trial protocols as queries – with multiple dimensions of criteria – simply and quickly. These coded protocols can then be used to query electronic medical records within the hospital infrastructure, live and in real-time.

Finding patients within your hospital’s information systems in real-time ensures that you work with 100% information on patient availability and that even up-to-the-minute patients can be captured for enrolment. The Patient Finder tool in Patient Network Explorer sends alerts when new candidate patients are identified.

And all without sacrificing the sanctity of patient privacy.

Key benefits.

  • Improvements in efficiency of trial activities:
    • Installation in as little as 6 weeks!
    • From coding to activation of protocol query takes only days!
    • Queries take minutes!
    • Patient finding is live, 24/7.


Allows you to ...


Protocol design Code your protocol as a query using unlimited inclusion and exclusion criteria and using complex combinations of criteria based on demographics, diagnoses, medication, laboratory values and undertaken procedures. Make detailed queries beyond the capability of your local hospital information system.
Protocol feasibility Test and refine your protocol, live, by querying against real hospital patient populations. Benefit from Patient Network Explorer for launching your own Investigator Initiated Trials.
Be found as a potential trial site Join an international network for clinical research.

Attract leading-edge clinical research trials to your hospital.

No time wasted on dead end feasibility requests.

Increased revenues.

Patient search

Identify individual patients for recruitment – even up-to-the-minute walk-ins.

Gain access to innovative medication for your patients.

Real-time alerts on suitable patients, 24/7.

Patient enrolment  Trial managers can keep track of patient eligibility and enrolment status. Identify patients for recruitment, manage patient enrolment.

Join the Patient Network Explorer!

Typically, implementation is possible within 6 calendar weeks from time of data / contract availability.

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