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Webinar: Patient Data Technologies for Real-World Evidence, Epidemiology and Clinical Research

Session 7 Track B at DIA Digital Technology in Clinical Trials

Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Time: 1.15 pm EST | 7.15 pm CET

Clinerion-led panel, part of the DIA's Digital Technology in Clinical Trials virtual event, October 27-29, 2021.

Can we leverage more real-world data (RWD), from electronic health records (EHRs) to create deeper information and insights into patient care regimens, journeys and outcomes? As RWD moves "up the R&D value chain" and into pipeline prioritization and into early research, development, clinical research, patient journey (insights) and regulatory applications, we investigate what constitutes "fit for purpose" RWD.

We'll hear from the following experts:


Douglas Drake
Senior Director, Customer Solutions

Douglas Drake, MS, MBA, is originally a life science researcher with a passion for digital enablement of better patient care. For over 30 years, Douglas has worked in various aspects of diagnostics, therapeutic research, drug discovery and global business development. He has broad experience in transformative technologies, data sciences, digital healthcare and applying these to improving patient engagement and the patient journey.

Sébastien Wischlen, RN
Chief Executive Officer
CancerDataNet GmbH

In his journey throughout Pharma Clinical Operations, Sébastien acquired profound knowledge in planning and executing phase-I to late-phase clinical trial protocols with additional exposure to multiple roles and companies in the pharmaceutical industry as well as clinical sites and hospitals. His further path led him into the big data space where he is currently applying his skills in managing projects, customer-, partner- and hospital relations as well as consulting activities in the field of Real-World Data collection and analysis, as well as RWD to RWE transformation, integration an harmonization.

Romain Finas
VP Real-World Evidence
Alira Health

Romain Finas has been building the Real-World Evidence practice for Alira Health since mid-2020. Prior to Alira Health, Romain designed and implemented the “beyond the pill” strategy for MSD France. Among other initiatives, he started living labs to test and assess innovations based on real-time data routinely collected by practitioners. Romain has 20 years of experience in consultancy, healthcare and digital.

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