Clinerion staff presents our risk management approach and demonstrates the supporting risk management system.


Getting started with the Quality Risk Management System is a simple procedure. After you have requested a QRM System Subscription, our subscription setup procedure commences, creates a QRM System instance according to your request and then sends you a welcome email with login information and important links to support you with your new Quality Risk Management System Subscription. If the Risk-Based Monitoring Application is requested, then the data loading interface will be setup and configured.


Clinerion makes use of its standard training services to enable an efficient and effective preparation of the client's pilot project team by providing the following training courses:

  • Quality Risk Management Introduction
  • Study Quality Management Application
  • Risk Based Monitoring Application

Clinerion provides these training sessions in the form of an instructor-guided course.


The initial implementation of the QRM System is done in the form of a pilot project whose objective is to provide the pilot project team with the opportunity to gain experience with the approach of Study Quality Management or Risk Based Monitoring as well as the supporting technology. The pilot project generally involves:

  • Orientation and Planning Workshops
  • Setup and configure System
  • Train Pilot Project Team
  • Pilot Risk-based Approach and Technology
  • Gain experience Review Results

For further details regarding the pilot project offerings, please consult the following links:

Download Pilot Project Description - Study Quality Management.
Download Pilot Project Description - Risk Based Monitoring.