Our goal is bringing forward the best treatment and care for patients by ensuring faster availability of medicines. Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System (PRS) improves efficiency in patient recruitment and increases effectiveness in clinical research to accelerate the development of innovative drugs.
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PRS saves the clinical research industry months in time and millions in costs during drug development in reducing the need for study protocol amendments and in speeding up trial site selection and patient recruitment, i.e. finding enough patients within the target enrollment time. PRS increases the efficiency of the clinical trial process by enabling patient search and selection of sites with real and complete information (no randomness, or guesswork).

PRS identifies suitable clinical study candidates for a given protocol through automated screening of electronic health records (EHRs), using real-time data. This enables optimization of study protocols, more efficient site selection and faster patient recruitment, leading to significantly more patients being enrolled.
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Experience shows that Clinerion's PRS typically identifies 10 to 30 times more patients than those found through manual screening, and in a matter of minutes instead of the 3-6 months of a traditional manual search process.

  • Patients can be identified for inclusion in trial in real-time, 24/7
  • Clinical research trials find more candidate patients
  • Hospitals receive more clinical trials
  • Sponsors get faster, more efficient trials

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Clinerion’s PRS is unique in the landscape of EHR-based solutions in offering a combination of multi-dimensional query definition, real-time search across multiple networked electronic health record systems made interoperable by the use of semantic and ontology methods, and a highly scalable hybrid cloud- and federated local installation-based platform.
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