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How my digital life started in a pandemic

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29.04.2020, Basel, Switzerland

Douglas Drake

By Douglas Drake, Customer Solutions Director at Clinerion Ltd  - Adapted liberally from El amor en los tiempos del cólera (“Love in the Time of Cholera”) by Gabriel García Márquez

I always considered myself digitally forward: able to manage my phone, support my wife`s phone, our computers, our digital TVs, cameras, routers, cables, wireless, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, social media, virtual friends, pixels, and bagels. I work with a company focused on electronic medical records and enabling digital healthcare and better care metrics through digital data.


Then a global pandemic called COVID-19 occurred and what was digital convenience became digital necessity. My kids are in digital classrooms via iPads, our home network has become two different hot seat workstations with a plethora of headphones, earbuds, and phone jacks. Our days are virtual meetings, conversations, video parties and online chats with family and friends around the world.

Our work is global, but virtual; no more casual flights to meetings or conferences. The new face-to-face means that two people must have cameras on. I am Zoom-, Microsoft Teams-, Hangouts, Skype- and GoToMeeting-ready.

My attitudes toward healthcare have now changed. I go online before going to the doctor. I make a call before taking the trip to clinic or hospital. I measure my metrics, blood pressure and heart rate remotely and send pictures and videos of my healing broken ankle (lesson learned: don`t sled full tilt into an icefield expecting a soft landing) to my surgeon and my physiotherapy team. I shop online rather than go to the pharmacy.

I have now become as virtual a patient in a virtual healthcare system as possible.

But what about other aspects of digital healthcare: remote monitoring, virtual clinical trials, remote checkups, and treatments? How will the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for immediate patient data to start trying to develop treatments and vaccines change how we capture data digitally instead in handwritten charts and physician notes? Will a pandemic force us to adopt digital technologies not just for convenience but also necessity?

Stay tuned to this channel, but remember, your camera is still on…

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